Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Ron Faust

 From Ben Boulden of  the great website Gravetapping.

You may or may not know, but have you heard if Ron Faust passed away?  His most recent title JACKSTRAW has a copyright notice to a Jeffrey Donovan.  I've searched for an obituary (without success) and found one site, which listed his death year as 2011.  Also, I know you're a fan of his work.  I'm trying to put together a bibliography.  I know of the following fifteen titles; do you know of any other titles he published?  Or someone I might contact who would know?
Tombs of Blue Ice
The Wolf in the Clouds
Burning Sky
The Long Count
Death Fires
Nowhere to Run
In the Forest of the Night
When She was Bad
Fugitive Moon
Split Image
Lord of the Dark Lake
Dead Men Rise Up Never
Sea of Bones
Blood Red Sea
Thanks for your help.

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