Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Headlines that should be true but are

Officials: Morgue Attendant Admits To Sex With 100 Dead Women

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats are spreading ‘myth’ that police shoot and
kill black men

Klan heading to Ferguson to ‘guard white businesses,’ back shooting of
‘n*gger criminal’

Fox News asks Laura Ingraham to analyze Ferguson unrest: ‘Thugs are

Georgia county won’t pay medical bills for toddler burned by grenade in
botched drug raid

Sleeping pregnant woman killed when passer-by opens fire on Houston
birthday party

CNN’s Don Lemon pushed around by St. Louis cops: ‘Now you see why
people are so upset’

White supremacist reeking of booze arrested after profane tirade
against WA deputy

Mississippi man accused of shooting mother’s boyfriend over mixed-race

Two Pasadena teenage boys accused of plotting mass high school shooting

Georgia man threatens black kids at bus stop over noise: ‘This bullet
has your name on it’

Florida woman shoots 7-year-old grandson she mistook for an intruder

Anti-abortion leader: Ban public nudity, breastfeeding because boobs
promote Gay Pride

GOP lawmaker arrested for having sex with incapacitated wife after
judge told him not to

WATCH: Angry Team Manager Strips In Front Of The Umpire

Couple's Home Covered With 14,000 Post-It Notes

Doctor Forced Female Colleague To 'Motorboat' Her New Breasts: Report

Wrong-Way Driver Hits Cyclists, Hides Meth In Her Genitals: Police

Florida's Newest Public Masturbator Tells Cops He's House Hunting:

Badass Cat Barely Injured After 9-Story Fall

Woman BUSTED For Smuggling Cocaine In Breast Implants: Cops

Facebook-Stalking Wife Learns Husband Has 3 Other Wives: Cops

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