Monday, August 18, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

FL school board candidate keeps accidentally saying he supports
creationism in science class

NIH scientist cracks roommate’s skull with hammer over death of dog

Report: Florida cops regularly entrapped men in sex predator stings

Woman Allegedly Stole Wine to See Jailed Boyfriend

Is Your Town Safe from Dragon Attacks?

Person Drops off About 100 Tuxedo Cats at Shelter

Cops gun down headphones-wearing Utah man because he wouldn’t comply
with orders

Perry indicted for abusing power, first sitting TX governor indicted in
more than a century

NM woman tried to poison roommates after they caught her having sex
with dogs: police

Russell Brand: Ferguson riots make Bill O’Reilly’s racism come
‘bubbling out’

Texas woman steals bottle of cheap wine in misguided effort to be close
to jailed boyfriend

New Hampshire declares state of emergency over poisonous synthetic pot

FL paper pulls anti-LGBT column by ex-Reagan aide accusing Disney of
‘pro-gay agenda’

Lewis Black blasts Limbaugh: ‘F*CK YOU’ for making light of Robin
Williams’ death

Hitchhiking Robot Charms Its Way Across Canada

Iowa Farm Creates Corn Maze of Al Roker's Face

Busy Mom Has Baby While Registering Son at School

Diving Hawks Go After People on New Mexico campus

Ferguson police got military gear free from the Pentagon through 90s
‘War on Drugs’ program

GOP governor begs wrong group of Satanists to cancel Oklahoma City
‘black mass’

Idaho’s Constitution Party was OK with gay governor candidate until he
supported gays

‘Sovereign citizen’ guilty in diplomatic ID scam he claims was
authorized by Vatican

Ohio kids devastated after officer shoots tame deer in front of them:
‘It was my best friend’

NASA believes 1999 comet probe recovered star dust from beyond the
solar system

New Jersey Muslim convert freaks out neighborhood by flying ISIS jihadi

Reporters arrested in Ferguson freed after call by LA Times journalist
to police chief

Alaska Republican says immigrants are gang members who will take your
guns away

Michael Eric Dyson spells it out for white people: Police won’t ‘kill
your child’

New Jersey middle school bans transgender teen from attending school as
a girl

Donna Brazile mocks GOP pollster for insisting ‘hipster glasses’ saved
Rick Perry’s campaign

Fox host: Robbery video suggests Ferguson ‘officer was justified’ in
killing unarmed teen

Guns everywhere: Georgia man shoots self in hand outside bar, stray
bullet kills woman

Mother of gay teen who committed suicide outraged at FDA ban on gay
organ donation

John Oliver: Deny militarized cops their ‘f*cking toys’ as long as they’re
killing unarmed black men

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