Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

LAPD fatally shot an unarmed black man lying face down in the street, say his family

‘Shut up, n*gger!’: CA man goes on racist tirade when he’s caught throwing dog into the street

Wife of top Texas anti-gay crusader divorces him to be with lesbian partner

 ‘Go back to Africa,’ man yells as he films his own drive-by racist
tirade in Ferguson

Rush Limbaugh: Robin Williams killed himself because of a ‘political
leftist’ attitude

Fox host sorry for labeling Robin Williams ‘such a coward’ over alleged

Lawsuit details how OK trooper turned traffic stop into bizarre
abduction and brutal rape

Woman Confesses To Filming Porn In Church After Tipster Recognizes Her

Two-Headed Dolphin Carcass Totally Freaks Out Man On Turkish Beach

British Man Quits Job To Pursue Dream Of Becoming Native American

Knife Falls From Sky Into Chinese Man's Head

Alleged Cat-Eating Python Captured In (Yup, You Guessed It) Florida

Otter That Attacked Swimmers Near Seattle Is Dead

‘Very sheltered’ homeschooled Texas teen guns down both of his parents:

CA pastor punches wife’s face so hard in church parking lot that he
breaks her glasses

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Ron Scheer said...

To quote Billy Bragg: Headlines give me headaches when I read them...