Sunday, August 03, 2014

Last Stagecoach To Hell by James Reasoner

New From Rough Edges Press: Last Stagecoach to Hell! - James Reasoner

Bounty hunter Rye Callahan risked his life to capture the brutal outlaw Ike Blaine in a desert showdown. But an even deadlier danger awaits both men when they board the stagecoach bound for an isolated Arizona settlement with a sinister secret. Callahan will need all his cunning and gun skill to survive this trip on the last stagecoach to Hell!

New York Times bestselling author and legendary storyteller James Reasoner returns with a brand-new, never-before-published 10,000 word novella featuring Rye Callahan, the protagonist of his acclaimed story LAST CHANCE CANYON. In Reasoner's hands, the West has never been wilder! 

Need something to read on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon? LAST STAGECOACH TO HELL! ought to be just about perfect. And for some background on this story you won't find anywhere else...I got the idea for it earlier this summer when I was coming back from Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains. I drove through Thurber, a tiny town that was once the center of Texas's coal mining industry. The smokestack from the smelter is still there after more than a hundred years and is a well-known landmark along that section of Interstate 20. I'd been wanting to write a story that combined the Western and the Weird Menace genres, and as I drove past the smokestack in Thurber I thought that would be something distinctive to include in a Western, and so the two ideas merged in my head. As it turns out, the story is mostly Western with only a little Weird Menace in it, but I think it's pretty entertaining. It's also only 99 cents, and if you have an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited membership, you can even read it for free. I hope some of you will check it out.

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Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Very clever premise!! Love books set in the West, can't wait to read this. Thanks for alerting us to it.