Thursday, August 14, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Ferguson Police Chief Says He 'Hopes' He Won't Have to Gas More People
(aw such a nice guy)

Why the feds are putting grenade launchers in the hands of local cops

Elisabeth Hasselbeck links atheists forcing prayer out of school to
Christian deaths in Iraq (an American braintrust this bimbo)

Dog elected mayor in MN...

Runaway Teen Lives Undetected At Texas Walmart

Duo Busted For X-Rated Romp In Parking Lot...
(probably smarter than his human opponent and better looking too)

San Francisco Strip Clubs Host Job Fair...

Pilot Loses Control of Plane After Artificial Arm Detaches During

Mall cop ignores racist harassing Seattle protesters and pepper sprays
black bystander instead

Livestreamer behind Ferguson footage says cops were shooting tear gas
near homes

‘They said, let’s take him’: WaPo reporter Lowery describes being
seized by cops in Ferguson

California Women Call Police Over Cat's Furry Fury

Wisconsin Police Arrest Intoxicated Driver, 13

Massachusetts to Use More Humor on Highway Signs

Santa Claus and Rockettes Stop Traffic in NYC

Town sues all Its Voters Over Election

Toe Dispute Prompts Arrest of Beauty Contestant

12-Year-Old Illinois Girl Sells Steer for $100K

Study Drops Hints That Dogs Could Get Jealous


Unknown said...

Send that MN dog to Texas. Maybe we can get him to run for governor.

Kelly Robinson said...

A strip club having a job fair? I guess a lot of people are curious about the dental plan.