Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Cops cleared more than 400 times each year for "justified" homicides...

Missouri lt. gov.: We need ‘Anglo-American’ justice in Ferguson, not
racial protests

Maryland veteran shot 3-year-old daughter and cut her throat before
fatal shootout with police

Missouri official apologizes for racist Facebook posts: ‘I was a very
active Republican at the time’

Chicken-suited New Hampshire Republican arrested for flapping and
clucking at Dems

Wanted Man Discovered After Rear-Ending Detective’s Car

Robber Caught After Showering, Shaving In Elderly Victim's Home: Cops

Police Officer Allegedly Solicits Undercover Cop For Sex

Man Falls Asleep, Wakes Up To Bloody Stranger Sleeping On Couch

Man's 101st Birthday Present Is Another Day At Work

Affluenza’ teen’s father busted for impersonating a police officer
(this is the daddy of the teen who killed people and got off because
being so rich caused him to suffer from "affluenza")

Chris Christie Chews Out a Woman for Suggesting Bruce Springsteen
Doesn’t Like Him

CNN host: Nat. Guard said ‘you never know’ what Ferguson ‘n*ggers’ are
going to do

Oklahoma 12-year-old dies from B.B. gun shot to the head

Man wearing blue shirt poses as TSA, pats down women at airport...

Swastikas painted on church walls in MA...

NKorea calls John Kerry 'wolf with hideous lantern jaw'...
(as opposed to chubby boy-man who kills his people on a whim
including uncle while spending the national treasury on porn)

Wall Street Journal editor: Eric Holder should tell Ferguson protesters
to ‘pull up their pants’

No Charges for Guards in 3 Fatal Rikers Island Beatings
Though they were ruled homicides.

Cops accidentally kill bystander during FL nightclub arrest of
‘gun-wielding maniac’

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