Friday, August 08, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

CEO of Baptist center fired after arrest for arranging dog sex
encounter on Craigslist

Mom Calls Cops On Son After Finding Porn

Ted Nugent mocks ‘unclean dipsh*t’ Native Americans: Whites ‘stole
their land’ is ‘bullsh*t’

N.C. Town Councilman Who Resigned In Klingon Now Running For Senate

Monkeys Take 'Selfies,' Sparking Copyright Dispute

TN mom charged with assault for taking meth while pregnant is going to
rehab: officials

Tea party threatens agency that helps small businesses

Michigan zoo sells exotic animal dung
(Get some early for holiday gifts)

NYU pushing sex therapy on porn-addicted freshmen...

Thieves Case Funerals, Break Into Vehicles During Burials...

Man Fined For Pretending To Be A Ghost At Cemetery...

Man Armed With Leaf Blower Arrested For Doing Yard Work In Nude...

Florida church cancels ‘blasphemous’ funeral after learning man was gay

CO man’s lawsuit claims unwitting county fair weed overdose made him
‘projectile vomit’

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