Wednesday, September 17, 2014

from Patricia Abbott-CONCRETE ANGEL

When Eve Moran murders a man she picks up in shoe repair shop, she persuades her
twelve-year old daughter, Christine, to confess to the crime. Eve has always
wanted things and had proven inventive and tenacious in getting and keeping
them. She steals, lies, swindles and finally commits murder, giving little heed
to the cost of her actions on those who love her. Christine, dependent on her
and compelled by love is caught up in her mother's deceptions. Eve's powers of
seduction are hard to resist for those who come in contact with her toxic
allure. It's only when Christine's three-year old stepbrother, Ryan, begins to
prove useful to his mother, a pattern repeating itself that Christine finds the
courage and means to bring an end to Eve's tyranny.

Polis Books will publish this book in Summer 2015, followed by SHOT IN DEROIT,
the next winter.

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