Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Jon Stewart: Talking to GOP about climate change is like ‘pushing a
million pounds of idiot up a mountain’

OK trooper tells local news: Best way not to get raped by cops is to
‘follow the law’

California man shot to death by police while outside smoking, checking

Alabama toddler drowned in church’s baptismal water, coroner says

NY lawmaker schools Neil Cavuto for trying to minimize climate change

Texas soldier accused of beating toddler daughter to death over soiled

‘Felony stupid’: CA Republicans clash after candidate’s homeless stunt

NYPD arrests dozens of 'Flood Wall Street' climate change demonstrators

Animal-rights group seeks vegan diet for jailed suspect in Indiana
cannibalism murder

Man confesses to ’97 crime, fearing Walmart was messaging him about
woman he killed

Marriott fires Florida Dem after learning she's running against
company-backed GOPer

Kevin Sorbo: NFL won’t fire anyone over domestic abuse scandal because
of Benghazi

California gay wedding heckled by anonymous bigot hiding in
million-dollar condo

Montana Catholic church bans aging gay couple after they marry to
protect assets

Chilling 911 call released in Florida family massacre: 'They're all

Ebola could infect 1.4 million by 2015, US warns

New Hampshire grandma shot by cops after reaching for infant during DEA

Boxing champ Mike Tyson helps motorcyclist after Las Vegas crash

‘F*ck it’ reporter’s pot coverage raises ethical concerns, dramatic
exit could draw FCC fine

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