Thursday, September 04, 2014

headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Pentagon gave cops 12,000 bayonets

Fox Panelist: Rape Victims Have A 'Personal Responsibility' To Prevent

Texas cops shoot mentally ill man armed with pellet gun until ‘he had
no face’

Minnesota cop: Decapitating 5-year-old boy’s pet chicken was ‘like
taking care of any rodent’

Oklahoma GOP to Christians: Be ‘wary’ of Muslim Americans — they’ll
‘decapitate you’

Armed Border Militia Mistakenly Confronts Group Of Bat Conservationists
(yes they are brainiacs)

Classmates dump urine, feces, and spit on unwitting autistic teen in
ice bucket ‘prank’

New study finds 99.999 percent certainty humans are causing global

Conservative site wipes Michael Brown story after murder charges prove

NYC cops arrest human rights lawyer waiting outside restaurant while
her kids used restroom

Man Stabs Roommate For Being Loud During Threesome: Cops

Man Shoots Himself Hiding Gun During Traffic Stop: Cops

Walmart Robbery Suspect Leaves Behind 1-Year-Old Girl

Vegas Trio Hid Stolen Rolexes In Vaginas: Cops

Federal judge upholds ban on gay marriage while sneering at other
courts as a ‘pageant of empathy’
(claims it leads straight to incest-huh?)

Cops Say Couple High On Meth Posed For Selfies With Dead Friend
(weekend with bernie lives)

Sandy Hook 'Truther' Tells Mother Her Daughter Never Existed

NY Senate candidate praises Ugandan anti-gay law: ‘Godly people are in

Ohio’s attorney general fights release of video from Walmart shooting:
‘Trust the system’
(flat out cold blooded murder-several witnesses)

Pennsylvania teen in KKK hood arrested for harassing black college

Pat Robertson to 80-year-old who can’t pay bills: Keep tithing, get a
job, sell your stuff on eBay
(this is one of the richest people in our country--what a pig)

Fox News guest: Medical use of marijuana creates ‘criminal minds’ in
poor people

Stephen Colbert mocks Fox pundits for wishing foreigners ruled America

Ohio police charge ex-Navy SEAL for lying about being shot by three
racist black men

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