Thursday, September 18, 2014

The latest issue of Clues

The latest issue of _Clues: A Journal of Detection_ (vol 32, no 2) is a theme issue coedited by Stewart King (Monash University) and Stephen Knight (University of Melbourne) that seeks to reach beyond the Anglo-American context of crime fiction. Swedish author Arne Dahl is on the cover, and his late countryman Stieg Larsson is also featured. King provides an essay on "crime fiction as world literature." Other writers discussed are Argentine author Claudia Piniero, Australian author Cory E. Player, French author Leo Malet, Spanish author Maria-Antonia Oliver, Italian authors Giorgio Scerbanenco and Massimo Carlotto, and Japanese author Seishi Yokomizo. Anticipating an upcoming issue on "reappropriating Agatha Christie," this _Clues_ issue also includes articles on Christie's _Cards on the Table_ and "The Mousetrap." Completing the issue are reviews of Bill Alder's Edgar-nominated _Maigret, Simenon and France_; Drewey Wayne Gunn's _The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film_; _Crime and Detective Fiction_ ed. Rebecca Martin; and _Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives_ ed. Sarah Weinman.!

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