Thursday, September 25, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Neuroscientist Carl Hart: Everything you think you know about drugs and
addiction is wrong

Jon Stewart: U.S. air attacks against Islamic State are ‘the iPhone 6
of wars’

Colorado students walk out to protest conservative ‘censorship’ of AP

NYPD slams visibly pregnant woman on pavement, uses stun gun on her

Robbery Suspect John Fecteau Tells Police Stabbing People 'Better Than
Doing Meth'
(and man i thought meth was fun!)

11-year-old political prodigy sets St. Louis officials straight

Cops pummel man in traffic stop in video that contradicts official story

Louisiana 14-year-old shot dead by police after altercation

Costco worker broke man's leg with martial arts kick for refusing to
show receipt: suit

Reza Aslan: Most Christians are clueless about Jesus — who wanted the
rich to be poor

George Takei: Young straight couples should vote to save 'gay babies of

The rise and fall of Russia’s ‘flesh-eating zombie drug’ krokodil

 Twitter users mock Colorado school district's attempt to rewrite US

Grand jury declines to charge two officers involved in fatal Walmart

Pennsylvania police chief’s daughter among suspects charged in Philly

Stephen Hawking comes out: ‘I’m an atheist’ because science is ‘more
convincing’ than God

Chemtrail ‘truthers’ mobilizing global rally against ‘genocide’ from
the sky

ISIS-affiliated Algerian jihadists claim to be have beheaded captured

Fox ‘fair and balanced’ debate: Global warming happens in ‘fantasy
world’ of scientists

Louisiana deputy fatally shot 14-year-old ‘four or five times in the
back’: family

Conservatives try to woo female voters with ad calling Obama their
stalker boyfriend

BOOM: Manhattan Condo to Be Listed at $130 Million!

Contemporary art market smashes through $2 billion mark...

London ranked as world's costliest city...

WASHPOST: White House demands changes to press pool reports...


Airline slammed over flight attendants in lingerie

“Beaver Attacks Man and Pulls Him from Kayak”

“Attempt at Smuggling Lobster Tails in Pants Leads to Arrest”

COPS: Drunken man took bath in holy water at church...

DALLAS: Accuser says Jerry Jones paid her to keep silent...

CHOKE POINT: Credit Card Reader Blocks Payments for Guns, Ammunition...

YORK: Romney '16 for real...

ELECTION DRAMA: Republicans set sights on Dems in solid-blue states...

Senate Control Down to 5 States...

Scott Brown: 'This race is about immigration'...

Secret GOP Records Reveal Corporate Donors Paying for Access to

Campaign manager charged with buying school board votes with cocaine...

Seattle to fine residents, businesses for wasting food...

BRANSON: VIRGIN GALACTIC Into Space by Christmas!
(hope he's on board)

The scary pseudoscience I was taught at a Christian fundamentalist
creationist school

Anchor’s anti-poor rant on hot mic: Get off ‘government assistance’ and
‘do your f*cking job’

Armed fugitive sought in brutal videotaped rape of 16-year-old girl
posted on Snapchat

New GOP ad insists Republicans drive hybrids, shop at Trader Joe’s,
have feelings

Mo. family faces cancer, sickness after waste company refuses to clean
up ‘toxic soup’ leak

Attorney General Eric Holder will announce today he's stepping down

Were monarch butterflies responsible for unusual weather radar readings?

'Young Turks' Kasparian rips Fox 'f*ckers' for trumped-up anger over
Obama's coffee

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mybillcrider said...

I like the one about the beaver best. Sounds like a SyFy movie of the week to me.