Friday, September 05, 2014

Headlines that shouldn't be true but are

Kentucky man pours gas on Hispanic neighbor’s house: ‘KKK wants you to

Police detain Rep. Gwen Moore at fast food workers protest outside
Wisconsin McDonald’s

OOPS: College Exams Already Had All the Answers

Surgery on Ailing Great Dane Yields 43 ½ Socks

Woman Accused of Shoplifting $144 in Eye Shadow

Cobra That Bit Dog on the Loose in SoCal Neighborhood

Judge Orders Attorney to Wear Socks in Courtroom

Fake Massachusetts License Plate Fools No One

Penn State Student Gains Rep as Squirrel Whisperer
(bet he gets the babes)

POLICE: Utah Suspect Swallows Stolen Ring

‘Duck Dynasty’ star urges Christians to convert atheist friends with
Nicolas Cage movie

Baton Rouge cop resigns after he’s caught texting desire to ‘pull a
Ferguson’ on ‘n*ggers’

Florida school forces new student to wear ‘shame suit’ after skirt
deemed too short

Lawsuit: Teacher fired after being forced to raise grades for college
president’s lovers

Ted Nugent uses Facebook to warn of ’4th world allahpuke zombie’
attacks on 9/11/14

Cops detain man 8 days for posting band’s lyrics about school shooting
on Facebook

Christian activist calls for holy war: ‘Islam has no place in civilized

Day care that duct-taped kids to floor may have withheld water to avoid
diaper changes

Colorado GOP: Demon-obsessed ex-Navy chaplain has ‘no business in
public office’

Artist intends to display hacked Jennifer Lawrence nudes in Florida art

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