Monday, March 09, 2015

Libby Fischer Hellman's Great Spring Sale

Cover Image

Cover Image

Hi Ed, 

Did you move your clocks forward for Daylight 
Savings Time this morning? Unfortunately, we still 
have snow on the ground in Chicago
But if moving my clock forward will help spring get 
here any sooner, 
I'm all for it. 

In fact, I'm so excited about the prospect of warmer
 weather that I thought I'd have a sale: a Spring 
Forward Sale! For you, 
your friends and family, and everyone, I'm d
iscounting two of my novels: Nobody's Child 
and Havana Lost for your reading pleasure. 

From today through next Friday (the 13th),
 Nobody's Child is just 99¢ at Amazon. Remember, 
Nobody's Child is the natural 
sequel to An Image Of Death (available for free
 on my home page 
if you haven't read it yet).  

And from March 13-29, Havana Lost will 
be just $1.99 
also at Amazon.
Hope you'll take advantage of the sale and 
enjoy the reads. 
Maybe by the time you've finished them, 
spring will REALLY be here...



P.S. Join me tonight on Second Sunday Crime at 6 PM Central 
for a trip to Paris with author Cara Black!

P.S.S. If you're in Tucson next weekend, come on over to the 
Festival of Books and say, "Hi!"

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RJR said...

Great covers, Libby. You going to Tucson to escape the snow? We've been in the 60's the last two days and all our snow is gone!