Monday, March 09, 2015

nice girl gone bad Libby Fischer Hellmann

Dear Ed,
"Short stories are the poetry of prose. They are precise, cut to the bone, 
every word a necessity. Not many authors develop that control. Libby 
Fischer Hellmann has the hand of a master. Take it from a guy 
who knows her well: Libby is a nice girl. But she writes noir with a 
savvy edge honed on the hard, dark knowledge of the evil possible 
in us all." - William Kent Krueger
While Kent's words are meant to be flattering, I do have to
 confess something: I love writing short stories. I often say t
hat a novel is like a marriage, but a short story is an affair: passionate, 
all-consuming, wonderful, and brief. So I've written lots of short stories, 
and continue to. I've collected fifteen of them in Nice Girl Does 
Noir. Volume I includes 
five Ellie Foreman and Georgia Davis stories; Volume II has
 ten stand-alone stories that span different territories, 
characters, and times. You'll find them all here.
And if you'd like to know why I think writing short stories 
are critically important for a writer's career, take a look at this article.
"I don't usually like short stories, but these are terrific
I roared through them. Hellmann had a good mix of Chicago 
historicals and contemporaries. My highest recommendation here."
- Molly Weston, Meritorious Mysteries
"When Hellmann explores the less sunlit areas of Chicago, 
 her canvas becomes not only more universal but has greater 
depth and emotional value. Aspiring short-story writers 
would do well to pay attention."
- Naomi Johnson, The Drowning Machine

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