Saturday, September 19, 2015

4 of the finest p.i. novels around--and inexpensive on kindle READ THEM NOW

Nominated for the Shamus Award for Best First Private Eye Novel 

One of Bill's finest books and an exemplary and very personal novel. The tenderness and melancholy
of a great "Rockford Files" script and proof positive that Bill has yet to get his due.

A masterpiece first published by a house so cheap and sleazy they may as well have printed it on a mimeograph. There is a great retro 70s fiction with a movie just waiting to be made of it.

Elmore Leonard: "If Eye in the Ring moved any faster you'd have to nail it down to read it." Not only a classic p.i. novel but one of the finest novels about the business of boxing I've ever read. This is the way p.i. fiction should be done.

This novel broke the mold. An original compelling take on just about every p.i.  trope you care to name. Every time I read it I want to find something wrong with it so I can call Fred and bray about it. But there's not one damned thing wrong with it anywhere. 


mybillcrider said...

Thanks, Ed!

RJR said...

Good choices, Ed. I read Cocaine & Blue Eyes years ago, and wish Zackel had followed up with more than one more novel. James' cult favorite Texas Wind came out the same year my first book came out No, mine is NOT a cult favorite! I have to admit I've not read Bill's book, yet. Looking forward to it.


Fred Zackel said...

Thank you, Ed. I am in wonderful company.

Karin M said...

I bought three of the four and raced through them. I guess I'd better get the fourth one, too. Great recommendations.