Friday, September 18, 2015

"This is a western written for grownups"-PW Gorman westerns $1.99

running through 10/21/2015.  Westerns $1.99


"A disturbing and memorable western." The Roundup

"One of the best western writers of our time." Rocky Mountain News

"No one turns out a better western novel than Ed Gorman." Western Reviews

"Another terrific hardboiled Western from the master of the form. It is dark, moody, and real. As with all of Gorman's novels it is the little things that makes it shine: every day life in a mid-West town in the 19th century, the fears, anger, the joy and grief. It is a notch above most Westerns, and a superbly entertaining novel." Gravetapping

"This is a western for grown-ups, written in a lean, hardboiled style that should appeal to readers who "don't read westerns." In the waning years of the frontier, in an unnamed territory, bounty-hunter Guild celebrates a joyless 54th birthday in a brothel. Guild is acting as bodyguard for Merle Rig, a very unpleasant man who is soon murdered, along with a teenager whom Guild had reluctantly hired as an assistant. Suspicion points to Kriker, a notoriously violent mountain man, bank robber and leader of a secluded settlement of former low-lifes. The laconic Guild, carrying his own personal guilt about a dead child, sets out to bring Kriker to justice, accompanied by the nasty Bruckner brothers, sheriff's deputies. Kriker, meanwhile, is nursing his adoptive daughter, using a "granny woman's" folk medicine that is useless against what turns out to be cholera. Gorman ( Guild and the Jack Dwyer mysteries) uses the period setting effectively and draws his characters with a deft hand."  Publisher's Weekly

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RJR said...

The GUILD books are definitely at the top of the list of Ed's best westerns, and his best character, in my opinions.