Sunday, September 27, 2015


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Ed Gorman’s writing is strong, fast and sleek as a bullet. He is one of the best. —Dean Koontz
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Ed Gorman’s The Marilyn Tapes was released as a hardcover in 1995 by Tor / Forge. 
Marilyn Monroe is dead but she left behind tape recordings that reveal every moment of her rendezvous with President John F. Kennedy and with his brother Robert. Now the tapes are missing and everyone from the Mafia to J. Edgar Hoover to the Kennedy family wants them.
The Marilyn Tapes is a crime novel saturated with period detail, and haunted by Marilyn Monroe. A Marilyn that never appears on page, and a Marilyn who no one really knew. It is thoroughly researched, beautifully written, and wonderfully readable.  
The Marilyn Tapes has been favorably compared with the writing of Elmore Leonard and James Ellroy’s American Tabloid. It should have been a bestseller when it was first released and, now, its second chance, and yours, has arrived—
The Marilyn Tapes is back as a low cost ebook exclusively available for Kindle.
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Praise for The Marilyn Tapes:
“The flip side of James Ellroy's justly acclaimed American Tabloid and equally as powerful.” —London's Sunday Time Out
“A fast paced tale of treachery and murder...the story ricochets off sociopathic games in high places.” —Publisher's Weekly
“A fascinating and suspenseful novel on a grand scale.” The Drood Review
“A striking combination of Tom Clancy''s political thrillers and Elmore Leonard's hypnotically sassy novels of America's mean streets.” —Interzone (London)
A powerful and indelible portrait of Marilyn Monroe even though Gorman never brings her on stage.” —Baker and Taylor
Purchase a copy of The Marilyn Tapes known Kindle for $2.99


Mathew Paust said...

What Dean Koontz said. And I found the Hoover/Tolson "relationship" deftly handled.

Ben Boulden said...

You can purchase a copy at Amazon: