Sunday, November 13, 2011

Excellent writer and bestseller Kevin J. Anderson-Those good old lowest-price bots

Kevin J. Anderson (From Novelscribes):

A fan reported to me that Amazon has my new novel HELLHOLE with Brian Herbert,
hardcover first edition�not remaindered�for $1.77 (regular $25.99). The mass
market comes out in a few weeks and I was originally alarmed. What's going on?
Who in the world would buy the $9.99 mass market when they can get the original
hardcover for $1.77?

Tor books pressed amazon for two weeks trying to get them to fix it, with no
response. My agent looked into it, couldn't get them to do anything. As near as
we can tell, amazon's lowest-price bots got into some sort of feedback duel with
another bookstore and automatically drove the price down to nearly nothing. And
yet amazon still has to get the books from Tor at regular price, and Brian and I
still get our full royalties ($3 or more per copy) even when customers buy it at
$1.77. (Since we get free shipping as amazon prime customers, I bought 60
copies myself...I can't even buy remainders for that.)

gotta love those automatic price droppers. Here's the link, if any of you wants
to get a super-cheap hardcover

Kevin J Anderson

many of my hard-to-find novels and short stories now available as ebooks, all
under $5.


Robert Lopresti said...

Why stop at sixty. Sounds like amazon is paying you a dollar for every copy you buy. Buy a thousand and donate to schools.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Just amazing.